Hydro-blasters are designed to apply immense force to a small area. Water exiting an orifice that is 0.018 inches in diameter after it has been pumped to a pressure of 20,000 psi hits with a speed and energy that is very similar to a rifle bullet. In the right circumstances the results of such an impact are close to miraculous.

However, delivering such a high intensity spray requires complex and robust systems and apparatus. Additionally, balancing reactive forces, protecting the equipment being cleaned, guarding against dangerous over-spray, maintaining the tools and protecting the operators and technicians are all art forms that transcend any typical cleaning services.

As with all of the services it offers, CT brings with it the skill, experience and equipment that permit it to offer these services safely, effectively and routinely.

  • Automated Tank Cleaning
    Automated Tank Cleaning

    The material in these tanks was so toxic that our technicians had to be on lined air.

    Using our automated canon blasting tool we slurred the material up and was able to remove 95% of the material from outside the tank.



  • Automated Fuel Tank Cleaning
    Automated Fuel Tank Cleaning

    Using our automated canon tool once again, we were able to move enough material from this gasoline tank and bring the LEL's down enough to make a safe entry.




  • Lancing Heat Exchanger Tubes
    Lancing Heat Exchanger Tubes







  • Shot Gunning
    Shot Gunning

    Knocking large chunks of scale, calcium, and debris off of the walls of a one million gallon tank.